Tripp Lite 42U Rack Enclosure Cabinet 32" Depth Threaded 10-32 Mount Holes - 19" 42U Wide - Black - 2250 Lb X Dynamic/Rolling Weight Capacity - 3000 Lb X Static/Stationary Weight Capacity - Rohs Compliance

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The SR42UBSD1032 is a shallow depth rack enclosure

Adjustment is quick and an easy-view depth index ensures consistent rail placement without requiring time-consuming measurements

As part of the SmartRack family, the SR42UBSD1032 is compatible with Tripp Lite 39 39 s extensive range of rackmount accessories, enabling you to customize your solution to meet any requirement. /p

Each rack space within the enclosure is numbered for ready reference.The SR42UBSD1032 features a massive front-to rear-ventilation capacity that meets or exceeds server manufacturer requirements

Front and rear threaded grounding points are provided for connection to the facility earth ground

Its 32 depth 825mm is ideal for shallow-depth audio/video equipment, smaller equipment installs or areas with limited floor space.The SR42UBSD1032 houses 3000 lb of standard 19-inch rack equipment in 42U

Its front and rear pairs of vertical rails have threaded 10-32 mounting holes that are adjustable in quarter-inch increments from 4 to 42 inches

Its integrated baying tabs make it easy to combine multiple enclosures in rows for data center applications

Note the casters are intended for minor position adjustments and are not designed for moving the enclosure over long distances.The SR42UBSD1032 comes with a 5-year product warranty

The SR42UB1032 meets all requirements toward PCI DSS compliance.The top panel of the SR42UBSD1032 is vented to help remove warm air from the enclosure and draw in cool air by convection

The removable front and rear doors feature quick-release ground wires.To simplify deployment, the SR42UBSD1032 comes with preinstalled casters that enable it to be easily maneuvered into the desired location, where it can be secured by adjusting the preinstalled levelers

The side panels are half size for ease of removal and reinstallation

The split rear door design allows the enclosure to be placed closer to a wall

The top panel includes ports for cable routing, and can be quickly removed without tools

This enclosure is also compatible with hot-aisle/cold-aisle configurations.With its locking, reversible, removable front and rear doors, and locking, removable side panels, the SR42UBSD1032 provides ultimate equipment safety

To facilitate cable access, the SR42UB1032 is open-bottom.All components of the SR42UBSD1032 are grounded to the enclosure frame

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