A&D Weighing Hd-12Kb, Hd Series 30Lb Counting Scale, 3 Displays

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HD Series Counting Scale 30lb, 3 displays, 10 key operation HD Series of high capacity counting scales offer high internal resolution

A amp D's exclusive Automatic Count Accuracy Improvement corrects errors caused by variation in unit weights

Accurate Piece Counting - Built-in Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement ACAI function assures accurate piece counting operation by re-calculating unit weight as more pieces are added

Also the results can be output using the optional comparator/relay output HD-04

Comparator Function - You can set the upper and lower limits for weights or piece count and Comparator function gives you the results on the display and / or by buzzer

Comparator/Relay Output - Compared results can be output as a relay signal withthe optional comparator/ relay output HD-04

Includes AC Adapter Manual Features Easy to Store Unit Weight - Storing the unit weight is simple and easy with SAMPLE key and ENTER/M V PRT key

It also provides an output for a printer

M Memory - You can accumulate piece count data by pressing ENTER/M ./PRT key or automatically each time you count

Serial Interface HD-03 - An optional RS-232C serial interface allows the instrument to communicate with a personal computer to control the scale and / or to record counting data

Three Power Sources - The scale is designed to be operated with an AC adapter, but may be also operated on six AM2 quot C quot type 1.5V dry batteries or a rechargeable NiCd battery pack AD-1681 .

Total piece count and number of additions be shown on the display or sent via optional interfaces

With B type, keyboard input of the unit weight

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