Pace Technologies Sic-600P14-100, Sic Abrasive Grinding Paper, 14"

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Pace Technologies, SIC-600P14-100, 14" 600 Grit Silicon Carbide PSA Abrasive Grinding Paper (Adhesive Backed) Bonded or coated abrasive Paper of Silicon Carbide are designed so that the abrasive will have a large number of cutting points (negative abrasive rank angle)

Note that coated abrasives are not quite coplanar, thus Silicon Carbide Paper produce the maximum efficiency cut rate, stock removal and minimal damage because new abrasive is exposed as the old abrasive breaks down

Plain-backed Paper are the least expensive, however, they require either a double sided adhesive or a paper holding ring

The disadvantage to using a paper holding ring is that the mounted specimen cannot track over the edge of the grinding paper

This artifact has also been known as mooning or MRD material removal differential .

This artifact results in the polished mount exhibiting a crescent moon which can affect the edge of the specimen

This is achieved by aligning the abrasive particles approximately normal to the backing

Thus the paper does not break down uniformly and thus can produce over grinding of the mount away from the sample

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