Elmi Imix-01, Rm-2L Intelli-Mixer Large - Includes Mix Rack

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IMIX-01, RM-2L Intelli-Mixer Large - Includes Mix Rack Features: Powered by V-Spin – the world’s most advanced, patented mixing and liquid-handling technology – the Intelli-Mixer RM-2 is truly the latest in cutting-edge science

12 Rocking Modes The Intelli-Mixer rsquo s powerful motor drive combined with the thoughtfully designed rocking program ensure a consistently reliable, high performance in all 12 applications

4 Blotting Modes The Intelli-Mixer rsquo s ultrasonic, vibration blotting modes are specifically designed for western blot protocol

Additionally, 3 optional rack-lengths are available, along with an assortment of accessories to satisfy your specific lab needs

Designed to be cold room safe, and with an unprecedented 34 modes of operation, this versatile piece is unrivaled in today rsquo s market

Its speed controller automatically alternates between RPM and Shakes Per Minute to guarantee precise control and reproduction

Outfitted with 2 vortex frequencies, this powerful mixer is capable of simultaneously vortex-mixing up to 42 Eppendorf tubes

Rigorously tested, this blotting method has consistently excelled in the following areas sensitivity ndash shown to be up to 20 times more sensitive speed ndash 3 to 5 times faster specificity ndash up to 4 times less likely to have cross-reactivity savings ndash up to 12 times less likely to require the use of reagents.

Rocker, Vortex Mixer, and Blotter 34 automated intelligent mixing programs 3 Year Warranty 15 Mix Modes The state-of-the-art Intelli-Mixer is equipped to perform each and every type of test tube mixing with brilliant efficiency

The innovative design of the rocking Platform, with anti-slip surface, provides ample room for a variety of samples while insuring no turnover even in the event of a power outage

This multipurpose unit is a rotator, vortex mixer, and blotter all in one

This versatile unit comes standard with a mixed test tube rack, supporting 0.5 to 50 ml test tubes

V-spin harnesses the energy of an unequaled stepper motor, allowing for a wide variety of mixing, vibrating, and rotating cycles

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